Three Reasons to Donate to the American Red Cross

Red cross clothes donation

Many people find that donating to charities, such as giving American Red Cross donations, is a helpful way of getting rid of items they no longer use, while ensuring these items are given to benefit charity, rather than ending up in a landfill. Since over 65% of people donate items to charity every year, it stands to reason that the Red Cross is a worthy charity to donate to. Here are three reasons why giving is so important, and how the charity makes use of the donations people provide for them.

The American Red Cross Donations Individuals Provide Help Families and Those in Need

Whenever disaster strikes, the Red Cross uses donations, including clothes donations, to help individuals in need. This could be for large disasters, involving hurricanes and earthquakes, or it could be for smaller ones, such as a family losing their home in a fire. Every day, the charity helps individuals with needs such as food, shelter, and even blood, through their blood banks. This has not only saved countless lives, but if offers individuals many different ways to give back to their community. Those who cannot donate blood, for example, can donate clothing, or even food. There are many different ways for people to help out, no matter what ways they are capable of helping.

The Red Cross Does Pick Up for Donations That Individuals Cannot Drop Off

Many people have a giving spirit, but might not necessarily have the time to drop off to a donation center. In cases such as this, the Red Cross does clothing donation pickup. That means all an individual has to do is call the Red Cross, and they can come out to pick up the donations on a pre-determined day. Sometimes those who are donating can simply leave the donations on the front step or down by their mailbox. Other times, the Red Cross pickup might come out to someone?s home and even have volunteers to go in and pick up larger items that might be difficult for the donor to handle. This can make it easier to donate and get rid of items that an individual no longer wants to keep, and might otherwise throw away if it were not for the charity stepping and providing an alternative way of disposing of the items. Since most individuals throw away over 7 pounds of clothing every year, donating to charity is an effective way of helping others, as well as making the environment a better place.

American Red Cross Donations Can be Written Off as a Tax Deduction

Anyone who chooses to donate to the American Red Cross can rest assured that the money or items they give can be written off as a tax deduction. Individuals who choose to donate goods, be it used clothing donations or other items, should always obtain a receipt for things they have donated or dropped off, since that is the best way to know a monetary amount that was given, especially when the amount donated was done so via used items. Individuals should always save each donation receipt that they are given, so they can add them up when tax times comes, and be able to write these items off after tallying everything up. For those that are unable to make monetary donations, this is an ideal way of helping out, while still making a tax-deductible donation and being able to write this off.

There are many different reasons to help with American Red Cross donations. Doing so not only benefits one?s community, but it can also help others across the nation, especially in disastrous events. These donations can include food, giving blood, and even clothing and blankets. The Red Cross can come to a person?s home and pick up donations that they might not be able to drive and drop off to a Red Cross donation center. This can be helpful for those that do not have a lot of time, but still want to give. Finally, donating items is helpful for anyone who wants to write off donations for their taxes. This is useful for anyone who wants to donate, but does not wish to provide monetary donations.

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