Three Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best Senior Living Options for Mom and Dad

Senior assisted living

When most people look for adult care options for an elderly parent, they are often faced with tough decisions. Questions come up about where their parents should live, or which type of elder care is best for them. There’s also the misconception that senior living isn’t too exciting for the residents of these homes, which may push some seniors to put off the decision of moving into assisted living.

However, senior living doesn’t have to be a “boring” option for your parents, whether they want to retain their independence or not. Here are some tips to consider when looking into the inspired senior living options in your area.

    1. Choose a location. Some areas are fairly limited with local senior care options, and moving away may be necessary in these cases. Other regions, however, have plenty of options to choose from. In general, the closer to home and other relatives seniors are, the better off they may be. This way, everyone is happy around the holidays, and there’s little to no travel involved when you want to visit.

    2. Compare activities and amenities. It’s a fact that not all senior assisted living homes are created equally. Even homes that are focused on assisted living and memory care for seniors need to have something to keep seniors occupied, whether that’s a vibrant community or other options for socializing or planned activities to keep everyone happy. Many of the most inspired senior living options have group classes and outings to help seniors stay active and ward off depression, which can be common in the elderly when they are isolated.

    However, don’t ignore the care that your relatives would receive, either. Of the one million seniors in assisted living, approximately half are over 85, and around 75% of those residents need help with three or more of their daily activities. Make sure that help is available if and when your parents will need it, so they can be comfortable at all times.

    3. Don’t ignore safety. Just because your parents may have a preference for independent or assisted living homes doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider the safety of your local senior communities. Make sure that the building is secure, with entry for residents and staff only. All units in the buildings should have proper fire safety and home security, too. Also, check bathtubs, stair railings, elevators, and doorways to make sure that they are accessible, and ask about wheelchair accessibility when you visit too, if needed.

Need more advice on finding the most inspired senior living options for your relatives? Be sure to ask others around you for advice, especially if they’ve moved their parents into one of these facilities. You can also leave a comment below for more suggestions on finding the right senior care for your mom and dad. Continue.

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