Three Times In You’ll Life That You’ll Need House Cleaners

Professional house cleaning

It shouldn’t surprise anyone when we tell you that 98% of homeowners feel good when their houses are clean. That should go without saying, shouldn’t it? For that matter, maybe the number should be 100%! Either way, it’s no wonder that we all love clean houses. But we don’t all love the work involved in getting to those clean houses. For example, 63% of homeowners hate cleaning bathrooms more than anywhere else in the house. That’s because cleaning the bathroom is often disgusting — in fact, cleaning most of your house can be disgusting! This simple fact is what leads many Americans each year to hire professional house cleaners. After all, we hire many other professional services; why not house cleaners? House cleaners can make your life a lot simpler. So: let’s talk about the advantages of different types professional cleaning services.

Regular Home Cleaners

For some, having someone regularly come in and clean your home may seem silly. For others, it’s fantastic; and for more still, it’s the only option. For people with on-the-go jobs and lifestyles, cleaning the house on your own as much as you should simply isn’t an option. And the negative consequences that come from letting your house stagnate go far beyond the surface; certain germs can live on dry surfaces for several hours, and on moist surface for up to three days! Along those lines, some have regular cleaners over because they’re caring for a chronically ill loved one. Although cleanliness in these circumstances in particular is an utmost priority, the time just isn’t there. Whatever your reason for hiring regular cleaners, don’t feel guilty or judged for not cleaning on your own. Just do what’s best for you.

Last Minute Home Cleaners

Sometimes, you’re about to have family or friends over for a big event — whether the holidays or a fancy dinner party — and it the midst of all of your preparation, you look around and realize that your home is still a disaster. Circumstances like these are what leads many people to call cleaning services for an “emergency” cleaning. This kind of cleaning is quick and fast, and will have your home looking beautiful just in time for the big event.

Home Cleanings For Show

A major factor to consider as you attempt to sell your home is what kind of impression its cleanliness will make. Of course, the cleaning of the house will be up to the new owners once those papers are signed. But many home owners can’t physically be there to clean their homes before an open house or a big showing. That’s why they hire professional cleaning services. At times, these can be referred to you by your real estate agent. But if you want to handle things by yourself or if you’re trying to sell your house on your own, there are plenty of cleaners available.

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