Types of Timeshares and How They Work

When you buy a timeshare you will receive quite a bit of documentation. Timeshare documentations explain the rules and regulations for your timeshare. The amount of documentation can be overwhelming. Overwhelming enough that many people do not read through the documents.

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There are different types of timeshares and this video explains them in detail.

All timeshares are similar in that you are allotted an amount of time that you can use a property for your vacation. In some cases, there is a transfer of a deed, but it is not like a traditional deed transfer. In the timeshare, you are buying a small percentage of the property. You cannot make changes to the property unless every other deeded owner agrees. You also will be allotted what times you can use the property.

Leased timeshares are similar, but you do not get a deed to the property. Fixed week timeshares tell you which week is allotted to you. The concept is the same across all types of timeshares but the processes and the legal rights vary.

There is a lot of things to learn about timeshares, including what all those documents you received mean. Watch this video to learn more about the different types of timeshares and how they work.

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