Urgent Services for Those in Need

Minor burns or back pain

Years ago, many people were still turning to emergency rooms every time they believed they were having a medical emergency. However, as hospitals fill up until they’re about to burst and people realize their active lifestyles don’t call for an all-day trip to the hospital, urgent care is becoming a shining light for those in need. The best aspect is that urgent care covers a wide variety of services for those dealing with medical emergencies and non-emergencies, from emergency care like treatment and testing for difficulty breathing and major illnesses, to convenient care for the most minor ailments like a slight fever or laboratory services that are fast and discreet. Emergency medical and urgent services are becoming less of a wait, and easy on the wallet than ever before.

What are the perks of urgent care centers compared to the care that you would receive in a hospital? Statistics show that less than 60% of all urgent care centers have less than a 15 minute wait time for your initial meeting with a care physician. What is so extraordinary about this is that urgent care centers are never at a loss for patients; they are able to find the perfect balance between care and timeliness. In fact, more people seem to be choosing urgent care as their number one option, as each urgent care center sees approximately 342 patients per week, and this number is always steadily growing. The future is in urgent care centers, where the most minor and emergency medical and urgent services tend to blossom. They also contain physicians who understand what treatment options will be best for you. Physicians own approximately 50% of urgent care centers. When you think of hospitals, you may think of surgeons rushing around without actually stopping to ask you about your pain or what they can do for you. You will not receive this type of care at an urgent care center, where every aspect is utilized and customized for your experience.

When you are in need of imaging and labs, flu treatment for your children or the whole family, ER care without the wait, and many other aspects, urgent care may suit these needs. Americans tend to rely heavily on ER services every year, with increases in visits. But does your busy lifestyle call for an emergency visit or could it be taken to a center that cares for you and your family?

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