Video Surveillance Systems Help Property Owners Keep an Eye on Their Second Homes

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If the crimes and petty thefts are indicators at all, now is definitely the time to install a video surveillance system in your home. Your once quiet and safe suburban neighborhood seems to increasingly be a site of break ins, burglaries, and botched attempts to steal copper tubing and other valuable metals.
At first, it was difficult to tell if you were just hearing about more things because of the neighborhood website that connects everyone within about a mile radius. The fact that both of your neighbors have had things stolen from their garage and the backyard in the last week, however, is an indicator that you need to break down and do what it takes to keep your family, your home, and your property safe. And if installing a video surveillance system will help, you are ready to invest.
Home Security Systems and Home Automation Systems Help Home Owners in a Variety of Ways
Home security system installation, including alarm systems, are an increasingly popular choice among home owners in all parts of the country. The fact that you can affordably and quickly install a video surveillance system in your home or business, in fact, means that although you are going to bed nervous tonight about your safety, within a matter of hours, or just a few days, you can rest assured that while you rest or are away, a video surveillance system can be watching out for your property and your family.
Whether you are a business owner who just wants to keep an extra eye on your property in the evenings and on the weekends, or you are a property owner who has recently invested in a lake home that you visit two to three times a month, a video surveillance system with cameras and alarm sensors can help you feel more relaxed when you are away.
In addition to looking for security, some home owners are looking for ways to make their homes easier to manage both when they are at home or away at the office or vacation. Home automation systems allow you to make sure that windows are closed, lights are off, garage doors are shut, and doors are locked even if you are not at home. A home security system that is automated to make sure that the person walking into the home is easily identified can help you feel safer when you walk into your home or business, whether you have only been away for the day or gone for three weeks.

Consider this information about how to keep you home and business property safe:

  • Approximately 61% of all burglaries are committed by forcible entry. These forcible entries can be detected by an alarm system that can also alert authorities.
  • No one wants to be at work all day worrying that you forgot to shut the garage door. A home automation system allows you to check remotely.

  • Estimates indicate that 85% of police officials who were included in a survey believe that home monitoring systems help deter burglary attempts.
  • X-tra surveillance is always a good thing. In addition to helping you watch for intruders, you can also watch for weather damage as well.
  • Theft affects everyone. In fact, U.S. businesses experience $13B in shoplifting losses each year. These losses are passed on to consumers.
  • Reported burglaries are frequently left unsolved. In fact, authorities only solve about 13% of all reported burglaries, typically because there a lack of witnesses or physical evidence. Surveillance systems may be able to provide the needed evidence.
  • Approximately 75% of employees steal, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

  • Enforcement officials report that there are 2.5 million home intrusions reported every year in America.
  • You are not safe if you stay awake late at night worrying about your office property or if you worry about your home when you are away at work. Rest easy and get a security system with video surveillance technologies.
  • Entering through an open or unlocked door is how as many as 30% of all burglaries occur.

If you want to feel like you have AN EXTRA EYE on your property when you are away for the day at work or away for the month on vacation, a security system with video surveillance is the perfect decision.

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