Want To Spend Your Retired Days Lounging Lakeside? Find Out How Here

Hampton lake recreation

For many late Gen X’ers, the dream is pretty simple: retire with comfortable savings and move away to the location of their dreams. Oftentimes, living by the water is an ideal situation or in a retirement community, with plenty of people their own age to engage with and plenty of activities to participate in. So what if you found out you could do both of those? If you’re thinking about retirement living and looking at real estate, there are many private communities with lake property and resort-style amenities at hand.
Living The Healthiest Life For You
So you’ve worked hard all your life and now it’s really time to enjoy those golden years! Why not do it in style, with the money you’ve saved during your career? MONEY recently surveyed its readers, and almost 50% of people who were retired reported being happier than they had expected. And no wonder! You have leisure time, no pressing deadlines, and time to spend with the people you care about in your life.
However, you want to maintain a healthy life style to keep your quality of living up. According to reports, the retirees who are the happiest do three to four activities regularly and retirees who report being the most unhappy only do one or two. Staying busy is crucial, as is maintaining your exercise levels. The CDC reports that if you’re 65 or up, decently in shape and healthy, you should be doing two and a half hours of aerobic activity a week and muscle training at least once a week. A private community can help with both of these things!
What Are The Perks of Living In Such A Community?
For one, the idea of community is a key factor. You wouldn’t be isolated or alone in your new home; instead you would have plenty of things to do with your day–be it out on the water, with your spouse or family, or other activities around the area. You would live in a safe neighborhood and vibrant community, with the opportunity to make new friends and continue being social. Additionally, you would have resort-like amenities–it’s like being on vacation every day! If you chose a lake property, you’d be close to water and be able to enjoy the beautiful views and all the recreation that having water nearby affords. Indeed, Generation X is responsible for almost 30% of all new home sales. Clearly, this isn’t something that just a few people are doing–your generation is on the move to bigger and better things!
Where Can I Find Real Estate Like This?
If you’ve been looking at new real estate and wondering where to find a place like the one described above, it’s really quite simple. Many places, especially in the warmer climates offer an abundance of private communities for those who are retired. Check online or contact any family or friends down South for recommendations. A retirement counselor may also be able to offer some guidance or tips for where to look.
Retire in style, comfort, and luxury! It’s your time to kick back and finally relax.

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