What Are the Strengths of the Home You Are Selling?

Desirable location

Things are getting serious.
After having your house for sale with a second realtor for two months you have only had a handful of showings. Although you had the money in the market you could take out to purchase the new home, you really intended for that money to be out of the market for a very short period of time. The decision to move into a space that would provide low maintenance living has backfired, as you now find yourself mowing two different lawns. Soon, the problems will multiply when the temperatures start to drop and the leaves begin to fall. One of the reasons that you bought the new house was that it was in an ideal location in an ideal neighborhood and it did not, in fact, have any large trees. You planned on a fall of little to no raking. Those plans, however, appear to be evaporating with each passing day that your house for sale sign remains.
As you and your wife leave on a three week vacation to visit relatives our west you have asked the realtor to drop the price on the house again. If, and you hope this is not the case, it does not sell in the three weeks when you are gone, you are going to have to make some drastic changes to the unique floor plan of the unsold home and drop the price again. You are only have joking when you tell your wife that you may actually have to move back into the first home because you know that the new home that you just finished would sell in a heartbeat!
Are You Getting Ready to Put a House for Sale Sign in Your Front Yard?
Listing a house can be stressful. While you fully understand the value of the home you are selling, the possible buyers may not. Instead of noticing that you have a new high grade composite roof on your home, the possible buyers keep saying that they do not like the color of your kitchen counter tops. You still have Corian and they want granite. How exactly do you find a buyer who realizes that the grade of the siding, windows, and roof that you have invested in are worth far more than what it would cost them to switch out the countertops themselves?
The fact of the matter is that while there may be a buyer for every home, it often takes a long time to find the buyer for some homes. Unfortunately, if you are a home owner who currently has two homes, one you are living in and one you are trying to sell, the waiting time for finding a buyer can be exhausting, stressful, and expensive. While your money is out of the stock market waiting for the sale of your empty first home you are missing out on substantial investment opportunities. Likewise, every week your house sits on the market is another week counting against you as a signal that something surely must be wrong with that house that has been listed forever.

  • Make sure your internet photos and details are current. Among buyers who used the internet during their home search, 87% indicated that they found photos and 84% indicated that they found detailed information about properties for sale very useful. overall, online websites were seen as a very useful information source 82% of the time.
  • Work with the best agent. The success of a house for sale often depends on the agent. In fact, 78% of recent buyers indicated their real estate agent was a useful source of information. The best agents are also up front with sellers. They should not, for example, continue to let you think you will eventually find a buyer for your uniquely designed house. If you have a dated kitchen, for example, you may have to agree to provide an allowance for a change or make the upgrades.
  • Ask te right price. Nearly 32% of people looking at homes for sale are actually first time buyers. If you are pricing an older home too high, many first time buyers would rather pass and build their own home.

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