What you Need to Know before Getting a New Remote

Remote replacements

Every television sold in America comes with an original remote. Whether it is a magnavox tv remote, a philips remote control, a sharp remote control, an lg remote control or a sony remote control every television purchased will have a manufacturers remote. When this original remote gets lost or damaged many consumers simply start to look for universal remotes. One reason for this is that they may not be aware that it is possible to replace or fix the original remote that came with the television.

According to Nielson, it is estimated that roughly 160 million U.S. homes have at least one television. Of these 160 million homes every home has roughly 2.24 televisions. With all those televisions it can seem impossible to keep up with every remote that goes to each television.

Many people think that after they have lost a remote there is no other option but to run out and buy another remote which works multiple televisions. While these remotes work, they are not specifically designed to work with your television model. Replacing the exact model remote that was lost can be more beneficial. Original equipment remote controls, or those that come with your television, never need to be programmed in order to work your television. Roughly one in five people own a device such as a DVD player, which they have rarely used simply because the remote has been misplaced and not found. By replacing these missing remotes with the same manufacturer remote, these devices can be used for their intended purposes once again.

Many devices which utilize a remote work better with the original remote. By getting a universal remote many consumers could be missing out on all of the features offered by blue ray players, DVD players, stereos and televisions. Universal remotes may claim to be just that, universal, but there is still a chance that they will not work with your specific model. Even if the remote does work on the device, you may not get all of the features that you would get with the manufacturers remote control. Universal remotes can be confusing to operate and have many buttons on them which can irritate users, where as manufacturer remotes are usually easier to manage and easier to understand and use.

If you have lost your magnavox tv remote, or other tv remote a new remote can be obtained. If you have lost your remote or it is broken and a new one is not available, search for companies which can build the remote that you need. This way you get exactly the remote that you need for your device without the extra confusing buttons, majority of which you will never use.

Did you know that sometimes dead remotes
can be fixed to work again. Approximately one in three remotes can be saved before they are discarded. By following a simple five step re-start procedure, you can potentially save your remote and save some money by replacing your remote. If changing the batteries don’t work, try to re-start your magnavox tv remote, or other similar device before looking for places which replace manufacturer remotes.

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