What You Probably Don’t Know About 55+ Community Living

Living in a 55+ community

If you’re in your 50s and looking at retirement, you may be finding that many of the more traditional senior housing options that are offered just aren’t a good fit for you. You probably don’t want to move into a community where the average age is several decades older than you are — and yet, at the same time, you’re probably not getting the social life you want in your regular neighborhood, either. Fortunately, there’s a third option you may not have heard of: a 55 an up community, also commonly called an over 55 community or a 55+ community. What is a 55+ community? As the name suggests, it’s a community designed for people 55 and older. But it’s typically a lot more than that, in terms of the culture and amenities offered. Here’s what you should know about 55+ community living:

  1. You’ll Own Your Own House

    Unlike in many more traditionally senior-focused living options, in a 55+ community you’ll still own your own space. You’ll get more of it, too; you can even have your own single-family home complete with yard. So if not wanting to downsize (or even wanting to upsize, something more and more people are doing later in life) plays into your decision, there’s a clear advantage there.

  2. These Adults Are Active

    Over 55 communities are often known as “active adult” communities, and there’s a reason for that. Over 55 community activities offer plenty of ways to keep moving, from golf to tennis to cycling. These might get referred to as leisure activities, but many of the people who choose these communities are looking for like-minded people to stay active with more than they’re looking for a leisurely lifestyle.

  3. Social Activities Age With You

    You shouldn’t be worried, however, if you don’t think you’ll be playing competitive tennis into your 80s. These 55+ communities typically offer a very broad range of activities that can age with you. Living in a 55+ community is a well-rounded experience that can allow you to go straight from an exercise class to a massage or a book club. That’s a great balance especially if you’re looking to move with a spouse who desires a different activity level than you do.

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