When Was the Last Time You Made a Significant Charitable Donation?

The decision to donate clothes to Red Cross is often more common after a natural disaster like Hurricane Michael that recently stormed its way through Florida. The fact of the matter is, however, there is always a need for the essentials families rely on to transition from life’s unpredictable emergencies. American Red Cross donations are the literal life line that families rely on when they are faced with a home fire, a natural disaster, or other emergency. From the blood donations that so many people think or then they talk about this organization to the opportunities for people to donate clothes to Red Cross, there are few organizations that have as wide a reach.

Groups that collect used clothing donations offer a helping hand to people who cannot imagine what their future holds. A warm jacket, a dry pair of shoes, a clean pair of underwear are the simple, yet very important, things that flood, fire, tornado, and earthquake victims need. Before they can call the insurance agent, sort through the remains of their ravaged home, or think about starting over they have to be clothed. Next comes food and water. The American Red Cross helps meet all of these needs while also providing the gift of blood and many other medical supplies.

Finding the Right Place to Donate Clothing Can Help You Make the Most of Your Gifts

We have all watched the scary warnings on television and read about the devastating results online when a major storm hits. Even when people know ahead of time what is about to happen and do their bests to prepare, there are many people who suffer huge losses. For this reason, there are a number of charities in place to help victims deal with the difficult transitions that they will face.

Receiving $687 million in 2014 in private donations, the American National Red Cross is the 13th largest U.S. charity as ranked by private donations. For many of us, a gift to the Red Cross is the most effective way to help our fellow Americans who find themselves facing a challenge far too big to handle ourselves. As many as 63% of high net worth donors indicate that “giving back to the community” is a chief motivator for their giving, so it only makes sense that so many of us want to give to an organization that is known for helping not only across the city and throughout the nation, but also around the world. The Red Cross helps consolidate charitable gifts so that they can make the biggest impact on the most desperate of situations.

Whether you decide to donate clothes to Red Cross collection centers or you want to give money or blood, it is great to know that you are supporting an organization that impacts the lives of so many around the world.

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