Which Mattress Type Is Right for You? A Guide to Sleeping Better

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Did you know that the average lifespan of standard beds and mattresses is only eight years? That’s according to a study conducted by a panel of sleep researchers first published back in 2007. It might make sense then to learn that an estimated 62% of Americans continually struggle getting restful sleep at least two or three nights out of the week.

Switching out your mattress every eight years or so will help decrease the risk of back problems developing over time as the materials begin to degrade. Of course, a lot of folks will tell you that the right mattress is the one that provides the most support, and others will go on about how it’s actually all about the level of comfort. But the truth is definitely somewhere in the middle of those two. As such, we’ve put together this handy list of different mattress types to help you make your next decision when it comes time to start shopping at the local home furniture stores.

Innerspring Mattresses

This broad category covers your basic spring options — open coil, offset coil, pocket coil and continuous coil. Innerspring mattresses are far and away the most common, and part of the reason for their enduring ubiquity is purely economical. There’s no proof that coils provide any more comfort than even an air mattress. But for some folks, the most comfortable mattress is a good, dependable spring mattress, available at most local home furniture stores.

Memory Foam Mattresses

About 10 years ago, memory foam reached its peak popularity level due to a whole lot of positive press. And the reports weren’t exaggerated. Foam mattresses really do fit to your body, effectively cradling your weight when you go to lie down for the night. On top of that, they don’t transfer motion, which means they’re better when you want to avoid disturbing your partner. But the foam also traps heat, creating uncomfortable sleeping conditions. That’s why it’s not quite perfect for sleepers of all walks of life.

Waterbeds, Air Mattresses and Adjustable Beds

Depending on your chosen home furniture designs
, you might want to opt for something a little off the beaten path. Waterbeds provide different levels of comfort, plus they can be safely heated for additional pleasure in the colder months. Air mattresses can be controlled in order to achieve the “perfect” level of comfort or firmness via a remote control. Adjustable beds have become popular options for their versatility in aiding those with back problems as they may provide a bit more spinal support than the other varieties.

When it comes to outfitting your personal space, rely on your local dining room furniture stores to scope out the kinds of styles you’d like to see in your home. When it comes to getting better sleep at night, however, it’s all about spending some serious time inside home furniture stores. After all, where else can you bring a pillow, plop down on a mattress and call it “research”? More information like this: www.brennersfurniture.com

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