Why You Need to Start Organizing Your Craft Materials

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For any creative crafters out there, it is well-known just how frustrating it can be when you can’t find that one piece of fabric, jewel, or glue that you might need, especially when you need it. With 63% of American homes having spent time crafting in 2017, the importance for home and craft organization is of utmost importance. If you haven’t considered incorporating organization furniture into your crafting station and around your home, than now might be the time to do so.

In the average American home, you can find nearly 300,000 items scattered within its confines. Could you imagine having that many items laid out throughout your entire home? To think of what it would be like having to climb over the piles of collected memorabilia, family possessions, and crafting items is far beyond overwhelming! With the incorporation of organization furniture, you can take control of your home, fundamentally separating items from room to room, person to person, and hobby to hobby.

Organization furniture is the perfect way to ensure that your home has a sense of order, such that things are easy to find and inordinate clutter is reduced. Here are some types of organization furniture to consider the activities and hobbies in your life:

  • Work and File Benches: Having a home office can be a wonderful thing,
    but only if you can utilize it to the best of your abilities. With 97% of Etsy crafters working from home, managing your business and work space should be of utmost concern. Featuring a file bench — a place to succinctly order you and your client’s files — and a three drawer organizer for all your various business materials can make your life a lot easier. Organization furniture can help to ease your mind, keeping your files in order and keeping all documents within reach, in their own partitioned spaces.
  • Craft Organizers: It is said that there are currently 21 million quilters estimated to be in the United States. For those quilters, and all other quilters,
    utilizing organization furniture can clean-up your crafting space to make for easier, calmer crafting. Consider exploring a variety of craft storage ideas, from utilizing craft cubes — stackable cube organizers that specific craft items can be stored in — or a 4 or 5 drawer organizer for yarn, needles, etc.. Now, if you’re not into quilting but you’re a scrapbooking, then seeking out some scrapbook storage drawers will be of equal importance.
    However, where you might imagine that your needs will be different from those of the quilter, they won’t be! Organization furniture — shelving units, stacking cubes, and more — can provide you with endless ways to separate and distinguish between your various crafting materials.
  • Children’s Toys: British research found that the average 10-year-old possesses 238 toys but only plays with 12 of them each day — that’s a lot of toys just sitting around all day. Grabbing some organize it cubes for your kid’s room can be a great way to store away toys that aren’t commonly being used. Similarly, a bedside trunk can make for another simple form of organization furniture, giving you and your child a place to store the majority of their toys (think of Andy from Toy Story).

Taking control of your work space, arranging it how you see fit, will not only make your home neater, but save you crafting time, and make you more efficient, just the same.

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