Why Young People Should Invest in Single Family Homes

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When young professionals start to think about buying their first property, it can be overwhelming to decide what type of home would be the best investment for their lifestyle. Because of how many choices there are, many times young people overlook the benefits of investing in one of the great single family homes in their area. For young people thinking about what to look for in a new home and what single family homes can offer them, keep reading to learn more.
1) Timeless Investment One of the biggest advantages to single family homes is that they truly represent a timeless investment. People will always want to live in single family homes, which is a major plus for a young person who thinks they may want to move within 10 years of purchasing a home. Buying a new home for a young person represents a major shift and sometimes feels like a big risk, but by investing a style of housing that is timeless, they can rest easier knowing they made a good choice.
2) Build Your Dream Home Another benefit to single family homes is that there are so many options to build. Working with a home builder allows someone to build a house exactly how they want it. That could mean building it with heating a cooling costs in mind, since about 86% of home buyers consider these energy costs in their purchasing decisions. It could also mean picking a modern home design that you can’t find otherwise in your area. Building a home gives you a lot of choices to customize your space exactly how you wish.
3) Have Your Independence For many young people, moving in a single family house is a major change from their previous living arrangements. Whether they lived with roommates or by themselves, most young professionals spend a significant number of years renting while they complete their education and build their career. While it may seem tempting to look at multi-family dwellings when purchasing because it is what is familiar, living in a single family house means that young people can enjoy a kind of privacy and independence they have never had. This is so important, especially as one begins to build their own family.
4) Think Neighborhood One thing all young people should keep in mind when purchasing a home is that location really matters. Around 20% of homeowners would sacrifice extra space, like a garage, in order to be in a better school district. Nearly half of home buyers consider the boundaries of a school district as a strong factor when looking to buy a house. This matters to young people both because they may be on the verge of having children of their own, and because buying a home in a good school district will help make sure that they can easily sell when that time comes.

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