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Sleep Better with An Adjustable Bed

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It’s no secret that we all want to sleep better at night. For some, problems sleeping may be due to an injury or a back condition. No matter the reason, it’s a proven fact we perform better after we get a great night’s sleep. Sleep comfort adjustable beds are one of the ways to achieve a luxurious night’s sleep. These beds allow you to alter them in an array of different sleep positions. No need to sleep in your favorite recliner, as this bed will allow you to adjust it to meet your body’s specific needs. These beds will allow you to raise the bed to a slight incline if lying flat is out of the question. Raising your legs to take the pressure off your lower back is another option this bed allows you to achieve. Patients with osteoarthritis or stenosis now have a foundation that will support their bodies. The

The Awesomeness of Infrared Technology in Remote Controls

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The classic TV remote controls are often underestimated and under-appreciated — and that goes for all the technology that’s included in them. Everyone is fawning over digital TV remote controls and universal apps for smartphones and tablets, but we’re forgetting that the TV remote control isn’t as simple as a little icon on a phone. It took a long time for television remote controls to get where they are today, and we should all take a moment of silence, preceded by a small history lesson, to show some appreciation for the wondrous TV remote controls.
First of all, infrared technology — a low-level light ray that can’t be detected by the human eye

The Early Days of the TV Remote

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In what is easily the most offensive part of television’s history, the very first television remote control was called “Lazy Bones.” Because if you didn’t already hate yourself for watching five hours of the evening news alone with a TV dinner and your cat, the cherry on top is that your own TV remote controls are judging you.
Nevertheless, people seemed to be okay with the name (for while, at least) and the home invasion of TV remote controls had begun. Previously, remote control technology had only been used for official military purposes in World Wars I and II — so it was a pretty big deal when Zenith Electronics Corporation made this technology available for average people to use in 1950.
The downside to the Lazy Bones was that it a cable connection was required — not the cable

Save $$$ With These Wedding Flower Buying Tips

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Did you know that your wedding flowers will account for approximately 10-20% of your overall wedding budget? While this may seem like only a fraction of your wedding costs, that 10-20% could be the equivalent of thousands of dollars and it’s one of the reasons the floral industry rakes in $7 billion dollars every year. However, your wedding flowers don’t have to break your budget. You can find a number of discount wedding flowers that will add beauty to your big day at your local florist shop. Here are two ways to make the most of your wedding flower budget with your local florist. Use Less Expensive Substitutes
The trick to purchasing wedding flowers