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The Advantages of Buying a Modern Home in a Self-Sustaining Community

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Tampa fl new homes
Prospective home buyers have much to consider when they look into purchasing a house. From location and amenities to school district and home price, buyers routinely make “must-haves” to include anything they can think of to ensure that they receive the best deal possible. But there’s something else that many home buyers also look at, which is a home’s energy efficiency.
When considering buying a new home, including those that are custom built, heating and cooling costs are at least somewhat important to 86% of buyers. In fact, energy efficiency in appliances is also an issue for those who want Continue Reading No Comments

Three Interior Decorating Faux Pas to Avoid

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Porthole clock
Crafting a quality nautical-theme isn’t hard to do. You just have to balance a color palette of white, navy, and khaki, and then arrange some nautical home decorations, such as porthole clocks, nautical wheels, and wall mounted bells, tastefully throughout the space.
Simple, right?
While it may be easy to create a nautical-theme, there are still many interior decorating faux-pas that are easy to make. Here are just a few to watch out for.
Leaving Ceilings White.
Don’t leave your ceiling white. Although it’s one of the most dominant colors in a well done nautical-theme, it’s best to choose something else. Adding color to this one part of the room will add so much more visual drama and character. If you don’t like the idea of a khaki or navy ceiling, many interior decorators a

Three Commonly-Asked Questions About Air Conditioning

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Emergency furnace repair
Nearly all houses in the U.S. have some kind of air conditioning system — and that may be why the U.S. heating and cooling services industry is currently worth an incredible $71 billion.
And a huge part of being a homeowner is being sure that you understand all that you should about your home’s air conditioning system. This will allow you to more quickly detect when something goes wrong, preventing more costly damage that comes from ignoring the issue.
Are all your questions about your home air conditioning systems being answered? To find out, here are some of the most frequently-asked questions we receive about home air conditioning rep