How Organized Are Your Home Closet and Drawers?

Written by Family Fun. Posted in Best home organization, Good closet organizers, Storage cube systems

It is interesting the lengths that many of us will go to make it appear that we are organized. From buying stackable cubes to scrapbook paper storage drawers and ribbon holder organizers, we are a nation of consumers who often need to purchase storage solutions to organize all of the items that we purchase.
What starts as one three drawer organizer for a few holiday piano books turns into four matching sets of drawers to separate more books that were purchased because they were on sale and now there was a way to keep them organized. It is sort of a chicken and egg kind of thing. It is often difficult which came first, the items that needed to be organized or the adorable stackable cubes that match the play room. Either way, the latest research indicates that there are as many as 300,000 items in the typical American home.
With the use of customized furniture, including storage cube organizers, c