Be Free From Addiction–Choose Ibogaine Therapy

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Ibogaine treatment intake process
It is no secret that millions of people in the United States and abroad suffer from various types of addiction. Were you aware, though, that over 20 million people aged 12 and older–and in the United States alone–are addicted to substances other than tobacco?

Some Recent Data on Addiction

Adults with addictions usually began using illicit drugs, as well as smoking and drinking, before they turned 18. This is true of over 90% of individuals who currently experience one or more addictions.
According to 2014 data, over 130 million people in the United States regularly drink alcohol. While not everyone who consumes alcohol on a regular basis has an addiction, there are 2.6 million people who are, and to illicit drugs as well.
Furthermore, dual-diagnoses are common,

How to Help an Addicted Loved One Recognize Their Problem

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Methamphetamine addiction
When someone has any kind of addiction from alcohol addiction to cocaine addiction, the drug alters the way they see themselves. The brain can’t properly see itself for who it has become because of the alterations made to the brain. Trying to help someone get into an addiction treatment program when they don’t think that they are addicted is very difficult. It is not, however, impossible. Here are a few ways that you can help your loved one get into a treatment program even if they are not willing.