Church Steeple Crosses and Antique Pews to Give Your Home a Unique Touch

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Second hand church pews
For centuries, churches have been buildings that people tend to flock to when searching for answers or respite. Everyone who has ever stepped foot into a church has their own relationship with the idea of the place. But over the many years that churches have been in existence, there have been multiple changes that have altered the functionality and traditions of the structures and the institutions that they hold. Today, it is not uncommon to see the sale of church steeple crosses or used church pews, either to help the church with its finances, for the interest of a collector, or both.

Steeped in history and tradition
Church steeple crosses are heavy in th

The Best Places to Buy and Sell Church Pews

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Church steeple plans
Everyone –religious or not — can recognize a building as a church from the outside just by looking at a church steeple. Local churches are often the oldest building within any parish, meaning that elements like a church steeple and church furniture are often the original. On the inside, as well there is also a very recognizable, old element in churches that are often overlooked: church pews. A Brief History of Church Pews:
  • Apart from a few Orthodox religious groups, pews can be found in practically every church across the United States. People have used church pews since the 13th century, having removable stone benches placed alongside the inner walls o