Want to Make an Impact? Consider Donating Your Gently Used Clothes to Charity

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Clothing donations
Is your closet just positively overflowing? Have you got numerous bags in your basement stacked chock full of clothes your kids have outgrown? Are you wondering what to do with all the clothing items you don’t want? Have you ever considered doing a Red Cross clothing pickup? This is not only a great way to give back to those in need, it’s a great way to clean out your closets. Instead of throwing those perfectly serviceable clothes away, give them a second chance at life, by donating them to charity. Someone desperately in need of a new winter coat, nice outfit for work or an interview, or new school clothes may be able to give them a second life. This is also a great way to get the little ones involved in giving back — they may get a hug

Why Donating is So Helpful to Us as a People

Written by Family Fun. Posted in Donate clothing, Used clothing donations

Red cross clothing pick up
The “I have nothing to wear” phrase is commonly said, especially out of a woman’s mouth. However, with that usually means is more something like, “I’m sick of all my clothes.” If this is the case for you and you were looking to revamp your wardrobe I have the answer for where those fold clothes can go. You could donate clothes to Red Cross and other charities and they will be out of your hair and helping someone in need so everybody wins. Clothes donations are very needed and every time you donate clothes to Red Cross you were helping somebody less fortunate than you.
As a nation Americans go through almost 20,000,000,000 garments a year. That’s about 68 garments and seven pairs of shoes her person. Narrow that down even f