Why Donating is So Helpful to Us as a People

Red cross clothing pick up

The “I have nothing to wear” phrase is commonly said, especially out of a woman’s mouth. However, with that usually means is more something like, “I’m sick of all my clothes.” If this is the case for you and you were looking to revamp your wardrobe I have the answer for where those fold clothes can go. You could donate clothes to Red Cross and other charities and they will be out of your hair and helping someone in need so everybody wins. Clothes donations are very needed and every time you donate clothes to Red Cross you were helping somebody less fortunate than you.

As a nation Americans go through almost 20,000,000,000 garments a year. That’s about 68 garments and seven pairs of shoes her person. Narrow that down even further and it’s a new piece of clothing each week. Because of how many new clothes that we buy all the time each person on average throws away 10 pounds of clothes per year. Now if we donate clothes to Red Cross that 10 pounds per person can really be put to good use.

Red Cross clothing donations are not the only thing that the Red Cross does. They also provide relief for families and communities by providing blankets, food, blood and shelter. You’re probably familiar with blood donations that the Red Cross does but it’s even more than that. There the 13th largest charity in the United States and pretty much anytime there’s a disaster you can count on seeing the American Red Cross there. When you’re donating to a charity you want to find one that you can believe in there cause and with the amount of different things that Red Cross does for people you’re bound to find something that can make you want to donate clothes to Red Cross.

Anytime you donate clothes you were helping someone else, yes, but there are personal benefits as well. It’s a great example to set for your children and those around you. Donating shows them that you value life and you value people even if you don’t know them. It’s important for the next generation to understand that people are important. To many humans don’t consider other people and become very inward focused and selfish. Even a small clothes donation can open your mind to the world of hurting people that you are personally investing in by donating those clothes or whatever it is that you were donating.

On the logical side of donating, another great reason to donate is that it is a tax break in the coming year. Make sure you get your receipt for whatever you don’t need and then you can put it on your tax forms next year and get a credit for it. So, even though the charity is not able to buy your items from you, technically the government will pay you for giving them away. This is a great motivation to gather up all of those household items that are still in great working condition but you just don’t use. Gently used clothing, kitchen appliances, shoes that are still in good condition and other items are all appreciated and acceptable.

If you are too busy to actually take the items to the charity drop off center that there are charities that can come and pick up your donations from your house. This is very convenient and you don’t even have to be home. If you box of her bag your items and leave them out on your porch or patio then you just need to schedule an appointment to have them picked up and the charity will do so at that time. Just make sure to confirm that they will leave the receipt in your mailbox for you.

There really is no excuse to donate. There’s no downside and no negative repercussions. There’s just a matter of getting it done. But once it is done you’ll be very glad that you participated in giving someone a better life. You can never regret donating items to charity, you will only feel the personal satisfaction and hope that you get from taking part in the bigger picture instead of focusing on your own problems.

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