Could Amish Furniture be America’s Best-Kept Secret? What Interior Designers Need to Know

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Amish dog house
Although many Americans are familiar with the Amish — a peaceful farming order that embraces adult baptism and shuns modern technology — there are still millions of people who may not realize the handcrafted quality of Amish horse barns and Amish sheds for sale.
Have you ever driven down a highway and been passed by a family riding in a horse and buggy? Those are the Amish, a community of about 250,000 that spans several midwestern and northeastern states. Over the past 150 years, the Amish have gained a well-deserved reputation as residential contractors, and Americans may be interested to consider investing in handmade, custom sheds and gazebos from their rural neighbors.
Savvy investors are delighted to discover that every piece of Amish furniture is made by hand. Typically, Amish shed kit