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In the U.S., television is one of the most popular devices and means to passing time. Now, we’ve added things like DVD players, gaming systems, audio systems and more to enhance our television experience and keep us entertained. As these devices began to improve they began to become more convenient, and so they started to come with remote controls.
According to the Nielsen program, there is a television in 160 million U.S. homes. There is an average of 2.24 television sets in the typical American household and an estimated 335 million TV remote controls are currently being used. With such a large number of remotes in active use it is not surprising that so many become damaged, broken or lost.
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Does Your Pet Keep Destroying Your Remote Control?

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After a long, stressful day handling any number of responsibilities, it can be a relief to grab your digital TV remote control and relax on the couch for a few hours. However, if you’re like many pet owners, this experience can often be marred as you wind up rummaging in your sofa cushions and checking under furniture for said remote. Eventually, you’ll find a stray button or even look up to see your dog watching you guiltily from across the room. It looks like your vision of reclining in front of the TV just disappeared: your pet has destroyed yet another remote. But why are all remotes seemingly destined to wind up as chew toys, and how can you handle this situation?

The answer to the first question involves some basic understanding of pet behavior: all animals, especially dogs, instinctively

Three Signs You May Need Replacement Remotes for Your Electronic Devices

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Remote controls: there’s almost nothing as convenient as these devices. They help us power and use our TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, cable and satellite boxes, stereos, and other electronics. In fact, some devices today can only be used with a remote — a stark contrast from the early days of remote technology when TVs still worked without one. (This was the case when Zenith released its “Lazy Bones” controller in 1950.)
If your remote breaks, gets lost, or is somehow no longer being made, you may think your TV or peripherals will no longer work without a remote. However, there is another option: you can order a replacement remote for your electronics. Replacement remotes can