Three Signs You May Need Replacement Remotes for Your Electronic Devices

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Remote controls: there’s almost nothing as convenient as these devices. They help us power and use our TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, cable and satellite boxes, stereos, and other electronics. In fact, some devices today can only be used with a remote — a stark contrast from the early days of remote technology when TVs still worked without one. (This was the case when Zenith released its “Lazy Bones” controller in 1950.)

If your remote breaks, gets lost, or is somehow no longer being made, you may think your TV or peripherals will no longer work without a remote. However, there is another option: you can order a replacement remote for your electronics. Replacement remotes can either be the original remote as made by the manufacturer or a custom built remote control that will work just the same. If you are wondering whether or not you need a new remote control, here are some signs that you could benefit from these replacements:

    1. The remote has been damaged. It’s easy for TV remote controls to get damaged, whether it’s due to roughhousing kids or an overzealous sports fan watching a game at home. No matter how your remote was damaged, there are options available with replacement remote controls. Sometimes, if the damage is minimal, you may be able to reset or reprogram your remote to get it working again.

    2. The remote got lost. If you recently moved homes, it’s entirely possible that your remote got lost somewhere in transit. Other times, you may swear that the couch cushions ate the remote. It’s easy for remotes to get lost, so if yours is missing, you can always order a new one or get one made.

    3. Your device is no longer being manufactured. Finally, no matter what reason for your remote’s demise, you may try to order your remote from the manufacturer only to find out that it is no longer made. But before you give up on your device, you might try to order a replacement for it instead. Many vendors can supply you with a new or refurbished remote, even if Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, or other brands aren’t making them anymore.

Why not buy a universal remote, you may wonder? Some people like to buy a universal remote instead and program them with universal remote codes found online. However, these remotes often do not perform the functions that their devices are meant to perform, and they may be unable to access certain features of a device. Replacement remotes can provide the correct functions, so users won’t lose out on all of their devices’ capabilities. These remotes can work in a pinch, but only a true device or TV remote replacement can restore functionality to your TV.

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