When Technology Turns On You — The TV Remote Battle

Written by Family Fun. Posted in Remote replacements, Samsung replacement remotes, Tv remote controls

Samsung remote control
Let’s face it: You need your TV remotes to be able to control your TV at all, since most TVs these days don’t even come with buttons on them. But as much as you rely the remotes in your house, you probably kinda hate them, in a weird way. It’s like a never-ending battle between You and The Technology. And seeing as technological advances don’t see to be slowing down any time soon, the battle will probably (definitely) only continue. So what is a human to do?
First of all, know that most TV remote controls have the tendency of getting jealous of one another. Don’t try to replace a remote with one of those silly universal remote controls that are all the rage these days; besides the fact that they usually don’t work very well, your other remotes will notice its presence immediately and proba