When Technology Turns On You — The TV Remote Battle

Samsung remote control

Let’s face it: You need your TV remotes to be able to control your TV at all, since most TVs these days don’t even come with buttons on them. But as much as you rely the remotes in your house, you probably kinda hate them, in a weird way. It’s like a never-ending battle between You and The Technology. And seeing as technological advances don’t see to be slowing down any time soon, the battle will probably (definitely) only continue. So what is a human to do?

First of all, know that most TV remote controls have the tendency of getting jealous of one another. Don’t try to replace a remote with one of those silly universal remote controls that are all the rage these days; besides the fact that they usually don’t work very well, your other remotes will notice its presence immediately and probably (definitely) retaliate. In other words, accept the fact that you need a different remote for every device you have, and don’t try to mess with the status quo.

Second, remember that television remote controls like to play games. Not with each other, but with you. Hide-and-seek? Yep, every day. Playing dead? Confusingly enough, yes. But just like it’s possible to retrieve your TV remote from the depths of the couch cushions, it’s also possible to bring a “dead” remote back to life. There are many step-by-step guides on how to do this, and since there aren’t any harmful pieces inside of remote controls, it’s safe to fiddle around with it even if you have no clue what you’re doing.

Third, know that throwing your TV remote across the room in anger when the volume button suddenly stops working isn’t a sign of your dominance. In fact, the remote still wins, since you’re left without a working TV.

Whether you’ve willingly given up the battle with your remote or you’re being forced to accept defeat — there still is hope. TV remote replacements aren’t too difficult to find, and these replacement TV remotes are convenient because they’re the exact same model as your original TV remote. These TV remote replacements have all the buttons and working functions you need, and none that you don’t.

We can’t promise that replacement remotes will end the Human vs. Remote battle, but we can definitely offer a solution for what happens if (and when) it gets rough. Find out more at this site: remotes.com

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