Nearly 80% Of Americans Get Less Than Eight Hours Of Sleep At Night Could Your Mattress Be At Fault?

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A good night’s rest is everything.

You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. You have far more energy for social interactions and daily chores. The sore spots in your back are buffed out. When you don’t get enough sleep, however…it can affect everything you do. A lot of Americans today are finding themselves waking up on the wrong side of the bed, heading out into work and hanging out with family while feeling completely out-of-place. When you have a sleeping disorder, these already paltry statistics and side-effects only get worse.

Could a new mattress can change that? Let’s find out.

American Sleeping Habits

It’s time to face the facts. Too many Americans today are walking around on too little sleep. Just like you wouldn’t fill up your gas tank a third of the way every single time, neither would you expect operating on four hours to do anything but spell disaster. Recent sleep statistics have revealed a staggering 80