Does Your Pet Keep Destroying Your Remote Control?

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After a long, stressful day handling any number of responsibilities, it can be a relief to grab your digital TV remote control and relax on the couch for a few hours. However, if you’re like many pet owners, this experience can often be marred as you wind up rummaging in your sofa cushions and checking under furniture for said remote. Eventually, you’ll find a stray button or even look up to see your dog watching you guiltily from across the room. It looks like your vision of reclining in front of the TV just disappeared: your pet has destroyed yet another remote. But why are all remotes seemingly destined to wind up as chew toys, and how can you handle this situation?

The answer to the first question involves some basic understanding of pet behavior: all animals, especially dogs, instinctively

How to Make Sure You Never Lose Your TV Remote

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TV remote controls are becoming more important as modern TVs grow more complex while phasing out buttons on the devices themselves. When you lose your remote nowadays, you might not even be able to turn your television on, or switch the input from your gaming system to cable in time for that show you want to catch.
The average TV watcher spends over two weeks searching for lost remotes over the course of their lifetime. If you’re tired of searching for television remote controls every time you want to watch something, here are some foolproof tricks for always having a remote on hand.
Have a System for Keeping Your Remote in Place

The Awesomeness of Infrared Technology in Remote Controls

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The classic TV remote controls are often underestimated and under-appreciated — and that goes for all the technology that’s included in them. Everyone is fawning over digital TV remote controls and universal apps for smartphones and tablets, but we’re forgetting that the TV remote control isn’t as simple as a little icon on a phone. It took a long time for television remote controls to get where they are today, and we should all take a moment of silence, preceded by a small history lesson, to show some appreciation for the wondrous TV remote controls.
First of all, infrared technology — a low-level light ray that can’t be detected by the human eye