How to Make Sure You Never Lose Your TV Remote

Replacement tv remotes

TV remote controls are becoming more important as modern TVs grow more complex while phasing out buttons on the devices themselves. When you lose your remote nowadays, you might not even be able to turn your television on, or switch the input from your gaming system to cable in time for that show you want to catch.

The average TV watcher spends over two weeks searching for lost remotes over the course of their lifetime. If you’re tired of searching for television remote controls every time you want to watch something, here are some foolproof tricks for always having a remote on hand.

Have a System for Keeping Your Remote in Place

Infomercials offer plenty of options to help you keep track of your remotes, from pocket organizers that go over the arm of your couch to cords that keep your remotes attached to a coffee table or other surface.

You can purchase something like this, or you can create your own system. Use an office organizer to store remotes in the same place, or put velcro on the back of each remote and attach them to your coffee table. Just having a place where remotes go is a great way to keep them from getting lost. You just have to commit to putting them back after you use them.

Buy a Universal Remote

If too much clutter is your problem, or you can never remember which remote is for which device, universal or all in one remote controls might be a good solution for you. Using universal remote codes, you can code one remote to several devices. Of course, this means if you lose one remote, you lose them all, but you can always keep your old remotes safely stored for backup just in case something happens to the universal remote.

Universal remotes do limit the functions you can use on your device, however, which brings us to the third option.

Buy Backup Remotes

If universal remotes cut into your device’s functionality, you can always buy replacement remote controls from third party vendors. Replacement remote controls are just new versions of the device you lost, so you don’t lose any of the functions that came with your device. If you want, you can even stock up on replacement remote controls for a single device so that when you lose one, you can just program a new one and keep on trucking.

How have you kept your remotes around? Let us know in the comments!
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