Urgent Services for Those in Need

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Minor burns or back pain
Years ago, many people were still turning to emergency rooms every time they believed they were having a medical emergency. However, as hospitals fill up until they’re about to burst and people realize their active lifestyles don’t call for an all-day trip to the hospital, urgent care is becoming a shining light for those in need. The best aspect is that urgent care covers a wide variety of services for those dealing with medical emergencies and non-emergencies, from emergency care like treatment and testing for difficulty breathing and major illnesses, to convenient care for the most minor ailments like a slight fever or laboratory services that are fast and discreet. Emergency medical and urgent services ar

When to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic Rather Than a Traditional Hospital Emergency Room

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Urgent care clinic
Urgent care medicine is a growing specialty, and there are currently 20,000 physicians that practice within this area of medicine. Some of the facilities within which urgent care medicine is practiced are a combination of both urgent care clinics and emergency room services.
Americans have a history of relying on the type of care provided by emergency rooms, which includes 24-hour access. Over the past decade, this has resulted in a 22% increase in emergency room visits.
Milliman recently conducted a private study that showed roughly 44% to 65% of emergency room visits could have been handled in an urgent care facility. As a result of this, patients are having to pay higher costs to receive the same type of care that could be provided at urgent care and clinics.
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