Donating Your Unused Clothing Provides Help to Many Families?

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Now that school has started and the kids are in class most of the day you just might be able to make it through all of the closets in the house and get things in order again. The first order of business might be going through all of the clothes in the house and taking inventory of what is worn and what is just taking up space. If you really want to give yourself a deadline to motivate yourself, consider calling a local organization that schedules times to pick up clothing donations. Unfortunately, the typical American household discards an estimated 68 pounds of clothing every year. Scheduling a charity to pick up clothing donations will help you make sure your unused clothing goes to

Three Important Reasons to Donate Clothes to Military Families and Veterans

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The excitement and chaos of the holiday season may seem like a distant memory as the first month of the new year comes to an end, however, the work for organizations that help military families and veterans has just begun and is far from over.
While the winter holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is the busiest time of year for veteran and military charities and the time in which they receive the most donations, it’s important to remember that military families and veterans need help all year round.
Like many Americans, you may be eager to donate or find a way to give back to the military and veteran community but due to hectic work and personal schedules, find it difficult to find the time to do s