How Long Will My Air Conditioning Repair Job Take?

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When you call a professional for home air conditioning repair, it’s understandable to want to know how long the repair job will take. If you live a busy life, you may not have time to stick around while heating and cooling contractors work on your home air conditioning systems. And if the weather is hot, you have even more reason to want home air conditioning repair to wrap up as quickly as possible.
As with any heating and cooling repair job, the time frame largely depends on the complexity of the repair and the systems involved.
For example, if you’re just low on refrigerant, a home air conditioning repair contractor can just add some refrigerant and leave after a few hours. Low refrigerant is usually signaled by a gurgling sound in your air conditioning system, or a sudden loss of cooled air.
Replacing an old fan belt can also be pretty quick, usually taking only a few hours. Fan belts start squealing as they age, so if that’s the problem you’re experiencing, you probably won’t have to worry about a lengthy, drawn-out repair.
A lack of sufficient cooling could mean there’s something wrong with your compressor. If your compressor is broken, that might take a little longer. Different components of the compressor might break, like the motor or the capacitor, and the length of the repair is all about the parts.
If your HVAC contractor has a replacement part on hand, the repair will probably take about a day. But if they have to order the part for the repair, the job will take longer.
As for total air conditioning replacement, you’ll have to be willing to wait. You need to pick out a new AC system that will actually work in your house, find an HVAC contractor who can install it, and then wait for the installation to be complete. This can take a few days to a week.
Be up-front if time is an issue for your repair and talk to your HVAC contractor to get a tentative end time or date for any repair. Links like this.

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