Three Popular Amenities in Custom Luxury Homes

Custom house builders

When it comes to designing luxury house floor plans, there aren’t a lot of things you can’t do. From the number of bedroom to the overall aesthetic of the front of the home to the little design details inside, one of the benefits of buying a custom home is that you have control to make your home exactly what you want to suit you and your family’s needs. Working with custom home builders is essential for doable designer home plans, but here are a few of the most popular amenities that homeowners are choosing for their custom houses.

1. Green Features
One of the most common focuses in custom home designs these days is green features. Making homes energy efficient is very important for buyers these days. The right appliances can save homeowners on utility bills. Furthermore, homes that don’t have weatherstripping lose 30% to 40% of heating and cooling through air leaks, so making sure the home is weatherstripped is important. Insulation can also make a home more energy efficient and save a homeowner on energy use.

2. Pools, Jacuzzis, and Spas
Another common and popular feature for luxury custom homes these days is some sort of luxury pool or bathing space. Stone bathtubs are very in right now, and more and more homeowners are opting for luxury pools outside. Pools are nice enough for any home, but infinity pools are more popular among the luxury crowd, as are more hot tubs and jacuzzis.

3. Outdoor Oases
Aside from green features and luxury pools, homeowners are also opting more for outdoor oases altogether. Some of these include a full outdoor kitchen and entertaining areas for preparing and serving food. Others prefer to add details like a waterfall near their pool.

Have you added any of these features to your luxury house floor plans? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. Learn more at this link.

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