5 Times in Your Life You Should Consider Renting a Storage Unit

Self storage rental

There are many benefits of self storage units. These might be most obvious to people living in small apartments or who have outgrown their current homes, but rentals can actually be helpful even for people with ample space at home. Here are some reasons you might consider self storage:

  1. If You’re Moving or Just Moved

    If you’re on either end of the moving process, it’s easy for boxes to take over your home and life. Renting a short-term storage unit can allow you to get boxes out of the way as they’re packed, in your old house, and then settle into your new house unpacking as slowly as you like.

  2. If You Have a Boat or RV

    Boats and RVs can take up all your driveway space, which is particularly frustrating if you only use them a few weeks out of the year. Putting these vehicles in storage also prevents them from getting damaged in the winter, ensuring they hold out for as many family vacations as possible.

  3. If You Have a Seasonal Car

    Just like recreational vehicles, you might also have a car that’s only used part of the year. This might be because it’s a convertible or a classic you don’t want exposed to harsh weather, or because you have different numbers of drivers some parts of the year due to university schedules or seasonal work.

  4. If You Have Valuables

    Some facilities can offer the benefits of climate controlled storage, which is great whether you’re looking for wine storage or a place to safely stash your antique furniture.

  5. If You Want to Reduce Clutter

    There’s quite a bit of stuff in most people’s homes that’s only used a few times a year. But it piles up, and putting it in storage until it’s actually needed can help you reclaim your living space. The most obvious example when this might be useful, of course, is that of Christmas decorations. But anything you don’t use regularly can be stored; and if you realize you haven’t pulled something out of storage in a year or two, maybe that’s a sign it’s time to get rid of it and permanently cut down on your clutter.

Can you think of any other benefits of self storage units that might prompt a homeowner to rent one? Share your ideas in the comments.

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