Consider an Adjustable Bed First

Adjustible beds

Looking for natural ways to sleep better? Sometimes medication isn’t the answer. There are many reasons why you’re not sleeping as well as you possibly could, and before you say yes to a prescription (which may leave you feeling groggy by day or have other unpleasant side effects), perhaps you should look at the most basic issues first. For instance: do you have the right bed?
Adjustable beds and/or adjustable bed systems have come a long way since initially introduced to the market many moons ago. They now come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and designs – including with memory foam – to fit your individual needs The key to finding natural ways to sleep better at night might just be in finding the right bed for you. Did you know that regular, flat mattresses don’t support the human back’s natural s-curve? The bottom line is that flat beds create gaps that don’t support the spine.This in itself reveals a whole host of problems that can lead to a poor sleeping regimen.
Many of us that continue sleeping on flat mattresses end up turning on our sides during the night, which actually obstructs proper blood flow and breathing. This can lead to a condition called Edema, which presents as swelling in the legs and feet from poor circulation, often exacerbated by unhealthy sleeping positions.
On the other hand, an adjustable bed could dramatically improve your health. By sleeping with a slightly elevated back, for instance, you can combat gastric reflux and damaging nighttime heartburn, increase circulation and prevent edema, cut down or eradicate snoring, prevent sleep apnea and relieve pesky lower back pain. That’s not to mention the increased quality of rest gleaned from the reduction of these problems, which has a healing effect on the entire body.
When adjustable beds first hit the home market, people were reluctant to purchase them because they had a clinical look to them. Now they’re designed to fit right into the scheme of your bedroom. Wouldn’t you rather try to combat your health problems by finding natural ways to sleep better, rather than letting powerful medications run the show?

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