A Gentle Pick-Me-Up For Any Holiday Tips For Choosing The Best Floral Arrangements For Mother’s Day

Flowers mean something different to everybody.

To one person a bouquet can be just what they need to cheer up after a hard month. To another it can be a great way to top off an already impressive gift set for an upcoming wedding. Everything from the color to the type can change the meaning, making flowers still one of the most thoughtful presents you can offer a person. If you’re gearing up to buy holiday flowers for Mother’s Day — or just want to learn more about flower language — read on below. There’s a reason bouquets have withstood the test of time.

Here are some floral arrangement ideas for your next great gift.

Flowers Have Been A Popular Subject For A Long Time

Look at any classical painting or old-fashioned dress and you’ll see the longevity of flowers as subject matter. Through countless cultures they’ve been used as a means of communication and metaphor. Even today they’re often the go-to gift for the holidays. Mother’s Day accounts for one-fourth of floral purchases made when the holiday season comes around, according to recent studies. A third of adults in one survey bought either flowers or plants as a gift for their mother back in 2015.

A Nice Bouquet Or Vase Is A Gift Anyone Can Appreciate

No matter the age or demographic, just about anyone appreciates being given a floral gift. A recent study found men like to receive Valentine’s flowers, too, with the American Society Of Florists revealing 35% of women respondents purchasing a bouquet for their spouse. It can even be a way to cheer yourself up. One study saw 15% of American women stating they’ll send themselves flowers during February. The soft texture and delicate scent of flowers is the perfect pick-me-up, no matter the day.

Communicate Your Feelings With Color

What are the best floral arrangements for the holidays? The first place to start with is color. Color means something a little different depending on the culture and time period. For many Asian cultures white is a color symbolizing not innocence and purity, but death and loss. Likewise, red often means power, while in the West it’s frequently linked with romance. There are depictions of floral arrangements dating back all the way to 2500 BC, with historians having to factor in ancient interpretations of color through a modern lens.

Look Into Different Flower Types For Metaphor

Some flowers are perfect at communicating a certain thought or emotion. There’s a reason baby’s breath is so often used for baby showers, while roses are popular for weddings. Tulips are a soft, sweet option that suit many occasions, though it’s important to remember their lifespan ranges from three to seven days. Today the annual spending on floral products is $26 billion, ranging from anniversary flowers to supplies for personal gardens. A florist can help you sort out the ins and outs of your next purchase.

Reaching Out To Flower Delivery For The Holidays

When you want to buy holiday flowers for a spouse or just cheer a friend up, florist and design shops can lend you a helping hand. They’ll walk you through the hidden meanings behind color and type, right alongside any other details needed to make this the best gift yet. If you have a hypoallergenic friend, for example, you can talk to a florist about flowers that won’t trigger any symptoms. You can also get useful tips on extending the lifespan of your purchase. According to the National Retail Federation, over 65% of those celebrating Mother’s Day will buy their mother flowers.

Flowers are a lovely gift for any occasion. Buy holiday flowers with the help of a florist.

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