Hiring Roofing Contractors to Put in a Metal Roof

All buildings need a floor, walls, and a roof to function, and homeowners will often need these things inspected by professionals to make sure that there are no maintenance problems developing. Where the roof is concerned, roofing contractors can be hired to repair or even replace a roof, and there are a number of reasons to hire roofing contractors like a metal roof company to replace an entire roof. While it may sound drastic to new homeowners to hire commercial roofers to remove a house’s entire roof and replace it, getting a metal roof contractor crew onto a property can be a real boon, and there are some significant advantages to hiring roofing contractors to get this work done. What are the advantages to a metal roof, and what kind of maintenance might a homeowner expect with one?

Why Replace the Roof At All?

The roof of a building or a home should be durable and last a long time, but damage or simple age can mean a roof needs to be repair or entirely replaced when roofing contractors are hired. Roofs may develop leaks when squirrels chew their way in, or if hail is heavy enough to blast off tiles or punch holes in the roof, and of course, a hurricane, tropical storm, or tornado may badly damage a roof with strong winds and thrown debris, or may remove a roof entirely from a home. A very old roof may have leaks and insulation problems just from age, and a faulty roof will leak water from rain and melting snow, and this intruding water can expand and rot wood and damage drywall, and squirrels getting into the attic may chew on plastic pipes or electric cords, causing even more damage. Leaking, damaged roofs can cause expensive damage in a hurry, so roofing contractors can be hired to repair or replace it. Getting a metal roof is one such option.

Why a Metal Roof?

A metal roof may have a number of advantages over traditional roof types. For one thing, if it does not suffer serious damage, a metal roof such as an aluminum roof is very durable and may last a long time, making it an excellent investment in the long run. In fact, most metal roofs will last three to seven times longer than a typical asphalt-shingles roof, and if that metal roof is made of an aluminum-zinc alloy, homeowners can expect it to last an impressive 100 years. Steel and aluminum both stand as popular metals for metal roofs, and another advantage on the cosmetic side is that metal roofs may come in a wide variety of colors for homeowners to choose from, over a hundred, which compares favorably to the more limited selection for shingles.

Metal roofs can also be price-friendly to install. Even the most expensive models may cost 30% less than slate or shingle roofs, and they are often made from 30-60% recycled materials, making them friendly to the environment. In fact, a retired metal roof is 100% recyclable. And metal roofs may save money for their homeowners beyond their actual installation; they offer good insulation, meaning that they can help a homeowner save as much as 25% on their annual home energy bill, adding to their power as an investment. What is more, these roofs are often tougher than asphalt tile or slate roofs, and they are often rated for 140 MPH winds, making them a good choice for those who live in areas prone to hurricanes, tropical storms, or tornadoes.

A homeowner may choose to hire roofing contractors to put in a metal roof when they buy a very old home whose roof is leaking and poorly insulated, and often, a metal roof may cost considerably less than trying to repair all the damage to the old roof. The homeowner will also enjoy the advantages of their new metal roof such as resistance to leaks, better insulation, and lower chances of being blown off by a hurricane or tornado. New homeowners can contact local roofing crews and compare and contrast their prices and availability, and find a crew who can install a metal roof made of the material they want, and hire them for the job.

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