A Guide To Becoming a First Time Homeowner

Owning your first home is a monumental milestone in anybody’s life, and if you’re in a similar position, you’re probably keen to do everything just right. But, with so many services and interior design motifs to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start in this complex process. Therefore, this article will explore everything you need to know about being a first time homeowner.

1. Hire an Arborist

If your new property is home to a selection of looming trees, you may begin to feel a bit overwhelmed as to how you’re going to look after these assets. Not to mention, if the previous owner has left these trees looking mangled and a bit worse for wear, you probably just want to get rid of them as soon as possible. But, there are so many health benefits associated with being around trees, so you may be better off getting in touch with a local tree service to see if they would offer you a helping hand. These services will most likely pair you with a talented arborist who will begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of these trees. From there, this professional will strive to restore these structures back to their original state, applying unique pesticides to the wood or simply trimming branches that have grown out of control. Thus, this is a fantastic resource for those who want to add a rural touch to the exterior of their home, but don’t want to spend hours trying to perfect these trees for themselves. According to 8 Billion Trees, these workers tend to charge $125 to $300 per hour as well as an additional $70-$200 per hour as a consultation fee.

2. Hire a Roof Inspector

Whilst you’re busy getting your new home just the way you like it, you probably won’t bother giving your roof a second thought. Yet, these structures are an imperative component of any home as they work to protect us from harsh weather conditions and keep our properties upright for many years to come. As our roofs continue to age, they tend to experience a wealth of wear and tear, which could cause a lot of damage to the rest of our homes. For example, if you notice that your house is falling to one side or is experiencing frequent leaks, it may be time to call in a team of talented roofers. During a standard roof inspection, one of these contractors will assess the overall condition and performance of your roof, checking the structure as well as any signs of rotting or decay. If your roof is suffering from an array of minor issues, the roofer will probably be able to rectify them in just a few days. But, if the damage is beyond repair, the professional may advise investing in a new roof. Although Forbes notes that the average price for a new roof is around $11,500, we cannot ignore the benefits associated with this process. Not only can a new roof add a ton of exponential value to your home, but can also help to better insulate your property.

3. Hire an HVAC Contractor

If you’re fortunate enough to have moved to a very warm area, the first thing that you’ll want to get sorted is your air conditioning unit. But, if your existing one has not been serviced in a few years, or you are forced to use the previous owner’s, you may not be able to revel in a refreshingly cool breeze as much as you would like. Air conditioning units are immensely powerful, but they can easily become clogged with small pieces of debris, dust, and grime. Thus, your system may be circulating a plethora of polluted air or even pushing out hot air instead of cold. As such, if you’re keen to give your system a new lease on life, you’re advised to reach out to a local AC repair service. An HVAC technician is typically well-versed in the world of air conditioning units, so they will probably be able to clean out any clogged-up vents and diagnose any glaring issues. In turn, with just a few simple repairs, you can keep your AC unit up and running for many years to come, meaning that you’re less likely to have to cough up copious amounts of money for a new one. This Old House notes that these repairs can cost between $100-$650, so this could be viewed as a relatively affordable resource for those who want to take better care of their favored assets.

4. Remodel Your Living Room

Interior design is a very personal thing, but all first-time homeowners should strive to choose motifs that best adhere to their passions and lifestyles. So, whether you want to implement a chic monochrome theme or fill your living room with cherished family photographs, you’re encouraged to add things that make you happy. It’s also important that you create a living area that denotes feelings of peacefulness and tranquility, so be careful not to overfill this space or make it unnecessarily cluttered. Yet, one of the most popular contemporary trends is custom fireplace mantels as it seems like they tend to give a space a sense of decadence and maturity. These mantels are commonly crafted from vast pieces of premium wood like red oak, cherry, and maple, giving them a much richer appearance compared to their mass-produced counterparts. Many homeowners prefer to use these items as a centerpiece for their living rooms, only accentuating them with a few trinkets and precious items. If you’re keen to get one of these pieces for yourself, Modern Twenty explains that they can be purchased for around $550 to over $2,500.

5. Upgrade Your Garden Space

Sometimes there’s nothing better than ending a stressful day at the office by relaxing in the backyard. But, if this space is not properly maintained, you may dread even stepping foot on your exterior. Or perhaps you feel that this space is not very secure and feel uncomfortable at the prospect of nosy neighbors looking over at you whilst you’re trying to enjoy a spot of sunbathing. Therefore, you may benefit from implementing a series of high-end fence repairs. Since these structures are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, you’re bound to find a new fence that adequately suits the needs of your lifestyle and budget. In turn, this is an ideal resource to add to your backyard if you’re eager to maintain a sense of privacy whilst still trying to make the space look attractive. Fences can also be a fantastic security solution, especially for those who have just moved into a very urbanized and congested area. By installing a very high fence around the perimeter of your backyard, you have the prime opportunity to deter criminals from potentially trespassing onto your property. As such, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are safe and sound at all times. Fence Gnome states that a typical fence installation will usually set you back anywhere between $1,330 to $5,550, but the national average normally sits at $3,440.

6. Hire a Plumber

If you’re looking to indulge in a luxurious bubble bath after a long day or want access to clean drinking water, you need to ensure that your domestic plumbing network is up to standard. Your pipe system may appear perfect on the outside, but there is a chance that there is a touch of decay and rot lurking underneath. These issues can quickly build up, forcing you to suffer frequent outages, foul-smelling drains, and a contaminated water supply. Thus, if you have any concerns regarding your water works, it’s best that you hire a residential plumbing repair service as soon as possible. During this inspection, a plumber will look out for signs of immense deterioration and work to replace any worn-out parts. Thus, these workers are a lifeline for first time homeowners as they can help to keep your home up and running so that you don’t lose access to these essential resources. Home Guide states that plumbers usually charge $45-$150 per hour, making this a cost-effective service for those who want to keep their homes in the best state possible.

7. Hire a Cleaner

Though many first time homeowners believe that they would be able to handle all the cleaning for themselves, some things need an added touch of TLC. If you have decided to maintain the existing flooring in your home instead of wasting money on new ones, you’re encouraged to reach out to a nearby carpet cleaning company to see if they can bring some new life into this asset. These companies do more than push a vacuum around. They tend to use a selection of premium cleaning equipment and products, ensuring that they can lift stubborn stains and make your carpet look as good as new. Even though this service may seem a bit over the top for some, it’s an amazing resource for those who own vintage carpets and don’t want them to go to ruin. Plus, some people believe that it would be just as good to purchase a carpet cleaning vacuum, but these devices require a lot of maintenance and may not be as effective as the work carried out by these professionals. Real Simple highlights that this service commonly costs $150-$200, which is good to note if you’re looking to invest more money in the look and feel of your home and aren’t afraid to splash the cash.

8. Remodel Your Kitchen and Bathroom

We probably use our kitchens and bathrooms more than any other room in the house, so it’s vital that we work to keep these spaces in the best condition possible. If your kitchen is falling to pieces, and you’re constantly tripping over broken cabinet doors, you may dread preparing meals in this space. Not only does this encourage you to indulge in more fast food options, but it also limits you from expanding your culinary horizons and trying some new foods. With regard to the bathroom, this space may be teeming with mold and water damage, putting you at risk of developing a number of alarming health conditions including respiratory viruses and cognitive delays. Thus, by hiring a number of acclaimed kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, you can improve your entire home as well as your quality of life. These contractors are trained to take these spaces to the next level, adding a range of desirable motifs to make them seem more inviting and appealing. Personal Finance advises that you set aside 10%-15% of your home’s value to help you pay off the costs of these services, so you may need to tighten your belt before you embark on this lengthy remodeling process.

9. Remodel Your Basement

Basements are a prosperous asset for any type of first time homeowner, so it’s important that you maintain this space so that you don’t end up using it as a glorified storage unit. Since basements are usually placed so low to the ground, they can easily be affected by dampness and pest infestations. Thus, you may notice that your basement is teeming with critters and worrying about structural damage. One way to rectify these issues is to contact a selection of reputable basement remodeling contractors. These individuals can help clean out any pieces of debris that have been left behind and even relay some concrete to help the foundation last for many years to come. Plus, these contractors are a useful resource for those who want to transform their basements into something more useful, like a recreation room or home office. Angi highlights that these services normally cost $12,071 to $33,817, with the national average usually sitting at $22,243.

Becoming a first time homeowner is a remarkable achievement, but we must recognize that this label requires a lot of time and effort to maintain. Everybody deserves to live in a home that makes them happy and, with the right services by your side, you can make your interior design dreams a reality. Therefore, if you’re looking to elevate your first home, be sure to implement some of the tips and tricks discussed throughout this article.

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