What Supplies Do You Need to Keep Your Home Pawprint-Free?

Keeping your home free of pet-related messes while finding ways to keep them occupied requires a few key essentials. Here are some must-have dog supplies to have on hand that can be obtained at a farm and ranch supply store.

Every dog owner should have a pet crate to create a safe place for their pooch and to assist with potty training. It can be used to keep pets confined and comfortable when you’re away or when guests come into the home. For vet visits and traveling, obtain a fabric, collapsible crate for small and medium-sized dogs. Get a dog mat to place inside the crate or around the house. Having a plush bed is recommended but not inside the crate due to possible chewing and accidents.

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Dogs and puppies should consume healthy foods that are free of artificial ingredients. The same goes for treats, which you should buy a treat pouch to take on walks and reward good behavior. For the home, choose ceramic or stainless steel feeding bowls with rubber bottoms, along with a pet fountain. For teething and gnawing, get a few durable dog chews and some interactive toys like tug ropes and stretchy balls.

To keep the home and your dog clean, obtain some paw wipes to clean their feet. For small pets, an indoor dog bath can be useful along with brushes and combs for grooming afterward. Choose a recommended spot cleaner for accidents and some stain and odor remover. Of course, having a high-powered vacuum helps minimize fur on carpets.

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