Are Organic Lawncare Services Right for Your Home? Here Are Three Reasons to Try Them on Your Lawn and Garden

organic lawncare serviceEach year, Americans use approximately 78 million pounds of pesticides. These chemicals are used for everything from agricultural applications on large farms to lawncare treatments for homeowners. However, once these pesticides seep into the water table, they infiltrate water supplies and have been linked to a variety of diseases, including cancer, birth defects, liver and kidney damage, neurotoxicity, and other effects on the reproductive and endocrine systems of humans. In fact, these pesticides have been found in the groundwater in 43 states so far. With this in mind, many people are now switching to organic lawncare services to have a pesticide free lawn and garden and help their community by contributing less pollution to the earth.

What are the advantages of switching to pesticide free lawncare treatments? Here are three of the reasons why so many people want to switch to organic lawncare services:

1. Organic is better for the environment
Pesticides and herbicides are some of the world’s top polluters, leading to more than one million chronic diseases and deaths per year. Because lawncare treatments, especially, are so concentrated to one area, the average suburban lawn can see up to 10 times as much chemical pesticide use per acre than farmland. Additionally, these pesticides are also responsible for killing between 60 and 90% of earthworms in that lawn, which degrades the quality of that soil in surrounding areas. The more pesticides are used the worse off the soil and water quality are in a particular region. Organic lawncare services, however, can provide solutions that will beautify lawns without the negative environmental effects.

2. Pesticide free lawn services are safer for kids and pets
Lawns that get traditional chemical treatments will always have small placards placed into them later that warn neighbors and homeowners to keep off the grass. Because the lawns were sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, these chemicals can travel into homes on shoes or even bare feet, where they can have detrimental effects on the health of family members. These chemicals also prevent children from playing on the lawn lest they come into contact with these chemicals, and they also prevent a hazard for pets who might lie in or chew on grass. Organic lawncare treatments, however, do not pose the same risks and will be safe for adults, kids, and pets to be around.

3. Growing fruits and vegetables in a pesticide free lawn can help homeowners produce their own organic foods
Anyone who has bought organic produce at the supermarket knows how expensive it can be and how limited the selections usually are. Getting an organic and pesticide free lawncare treatment, however, gives homeowners who enjoy gardening the opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables without having to worry about chemical pollution.

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