Are Your Kids in a Great School District, or Just an Average One? What to Look for in a New Home

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Modern home design has come a long way in the last ten years. Not only are homeowners wiling to pay up to 10% more for a certified eco-friendly home, they are also looking for more amenities when considering what to look for in modern homes.

Nine out of 10 homebuyers reported that “clean energy” was a major plus for them when working with a home builder or deciding to buy in a planned community. Having an air conditioning system that adheres to clean air standards and does not distribute indoor toxins such as pet fur can save hundreds of dollars every year. A “green” refrigerator and an energy-efficient washer and dryer also add to savings and overall environmental safety of the home.

Potential homeowners also want a great location when they are researching modern homes. With heavy emphasis on student achievement from pre-K to high school, nine out of 10 homeowners said that they were including the quality of local schools in their final decision to buy a new home. And a surprising one out of every five potential homeowners would opt for a smaller home if it meant being in a great school district.

Buying a new home does not have to be stressful: knowing how to access good advice from realtors and builders can ease the transition to a new location. Knowing what to look for in a new home — location, school district, taxes, and potential appreciation in value over time — can help homebuyers narrow down their options and choose the perfect home.

If the homeowner opts to build a new home, there are now companies that offer integrated architectural and building services. When a home’s designer works closely with the construction crew, the homeowner is able to manage one firm instead of two and is also able to exert more efficient control over the building process.

Whether a potential homebuyer is looking for that perfect starter home, for a rental property, or for a permanent retirement location, modern homes with green appliances in great school districts continue to have curb appeal.

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