Looking for a Change? Move to Florida for Warmer Weather and Financial Freedom!

Modern home design

If you or someone you know as been contemplating about checking out the real estate market for a new home, you should consider Florida as your next new home. Not only does Florida have a booming economy, but the sunshine state really lives up to it?s name with cities like Land O?Lakes having an estimated 248 sunny days a year! No matter the area of Florida you?re interested in moving to, there are plenty of communities and homes to choose from. Enlist the aid of master planned community developers to build your dream home, or have a realtor show you how to buy a new home that’s already been built. There are a lot of single family homes out there, so the options are endless.

States like Florida aren?t just for retirees anymore. Young professionals and people of all ages are seeking out the warmth the state has to offer. Another reason why Florida is a prime destination state for those looking for a change is that it is one of the few states that doesn?t collect income taxes. Other states that don?t collect income taxes include Alaska, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Because of this unique aspect of the state, some people can really benefit financially by moving to Florida, especially if they live in a state with a high income tax rate, like New York.

Other benefits of moving and buying a home in Florida is that if you declare a place your primary residence, you can receive an exemption for up to your first $50,000 in property taxes. Thanks to master planned community developers, the suburban landscape is also growing throughout Florida, which is a good thing because nearly 66% of millennials seeking to buy homes prefer living in more modern homes in the suburbs, as opposed to 24% who prefer more rural locations and 10% who prefer city living.

So if you?re one of the many people who want a change of pace, move on down to Florida where you can enjoy not only the warmer weathers, but also the financial benefits from living and owning a home in the nation?s sunshine state!

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