Can I Sleep on my Side in an Adjustable Bed?

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Too many adjustable bed reviews seem to focus on the physicality of the bed with regard to the room it’s in, but it’s the bed’s performance we want to know about… right?
For example, it’s fairly common knowledge at this point that a flat mattress doesn’t support the human back’s natural “s-curve.” Be that as it may, everyone has their preferred sleep positions, and folks reading adjustable bed reviews want to know if they’re going to have to change those positions to get the full value of an electric adjustable bed. One recurring misconception is that you will not be able to sleep on your side in an adjustable bed. And yet, nothing could be farther from the truth. Sleeping on your side in adjustable beds is easy and can be enjoyed night after night.
One reason for the misconception is that most of the time when we see pictures of people in adjustable beds, they’re sleeping on their backs or sitting up and doing activities (reading, using tablets) to demonstrate how the bed can contour to the human body when properly adjusted. It’s more difficult to show in attractive photos how a bed contours to the body when the subject is sleeping on their side and how this is positively impacting the spine. Despite this, side sleeping is easily achieved when the head segment of the adjustable bed is raised up to a comfortable, ergonomic position that will vary slightly from one individual to another. Although it depends somewhat on the height the head segment is raised up to, side-sleeping is usually best achieved when your knees are bent and/or feet slightly raised, something most people do naturally when they turn on their side anyway.
Relaxing and sleeping on one’s side can provide temporary relief from a variety of health issues, including certain kinds of hernias, nighttime heartburn, gastric reflux and any number of minor aches and pains. Additionally, light or occasional snoring will likely be reduced from sleeping in the elevated head position. Do some research since there are plenty of adjustable bed systems on the market.

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