Charleston, South Carolina The Most Hospitable Place In America

Resort-style amenities

Are you considering buying a home? Do you love the outdoors, history, and a taste of old-fashioned Southern charm? Then you needn?t look any further than Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is not only a vibrant community for people of all ages, but consistently named one of the most hospitable places in the United States. Charleston is a glimpse into the past and a look towards the future at once, and is an easy city for newcomers to step into. You?ll feel at home as soon as you enter the city. So ? why move to live in or near Charleston?

1. The History

Did you know that Charleston was home to the first American public college, museum, and playhouse? You can walk along the historic battery and view trees from which pirates were hanged, tour many historic homes and plantations, and even set foot on centuries-old ships! Charleston embraces its history, with architectural guidelines ensuring that new buildings cannot disrupt the ?look? of the historic districts. Neighborhoods like ?Rainbow Row? ? named for its colorful homes ? are a treat to the eye alone. You can even take part in ghost tours; some around town, and some within Charleston?s historic jail, once home to famous pirates.

2. The Beaches

So you love the outdoors. You?ll definitely love Charleston! Charleston is home to Folly Beach, one of America?s cleanest and most popular beaches. You can consistently see dolphins playing in the surf, and there?s always plenty to do. This is especially important to retirees, with the CDC advising that healthy retirees 65 or older should get two hours and thirty minutes of intense aerobic activity a week, along with muscle training. Why not do that exercise on the beach? Again, if you really love the outdoors, you might also want to consider a home close to the outdoors, like beach or lake homes.

3. The Cultural Scene

Charleston is a ?foodie? city that prides itself in not only seafood but authentic ethnic cuisine. Furthermore, its art scene has steadily grown over the years and is now thriving, with plenty of art galleries and museums at the ready for people to view, not to mention the lowcountry music scene. There are also several different open-air markets where you can buy everything from fresh spices to handmade dolls. If you?re looking to retire but stay active, Charleston is the perfect city to spend a lazy day within. It?s said that the happiest retirees engage in 3 to 4 regularly activities, compared to the unhappiest who only engage in 1 to 2 regular activities. Believe me, there?s no way you can be unhappy in Charleston.

The next time you?re speaking to your realtors, consider a new home in Charleston or the surrounding area. Enter retirement knowing that you?re in a place you?d never want to leave. You?ve worked hard all your life ? now it?s time to live it up!

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