Care for Those in Need — Donate Your Clothes to Charity

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Doing a little bit of good and making a difference in this world can always be a source of feeling good about yourself. Making charitable donations is a great, fulfilling way of leaving your mark on this world by doing a good deed and helping families in need.

If you want to contribute towards improving some lives, clothing donations are a good way to help out. Clothing can easily be recycled and reused, and can be directly transferred to families that need them or sold to create sources of financial aid. In 2007 alone, charitable clothing donations accounted for about $5.8 billion of aid for those in need. You too can make your mark, and even without having to take a lot of trouble.

Easier Charitable Donations with Local Donation Pick Ups

The Purple Heart, a revered decoration in America, is presented to the families of those who have been injured or killed in service to the country. The Military Order of the Purple Heart also actively tries to help out families in need and works with many charitable organizations for collection of charitable donations. These charities often make it easier for you to donate by offering convenient solutions like donation pickups. Estimates show that 90% of the clothing that people throw away can actually be recycled, and you can also ensure that your old clothes reach their proper destination.

With charity pickup, you do not even have to pack your clothes and drive them to a drop-off location. Your local charity will send over people to collect your donations from home — a quick, hassle-free way of ensuring your donations reach the right place.

So, if you are looking to join the thousands of people who show that they care for others and donate your used clothing, look for a local charity working closely with the Military Order of the Purple Heart and start giving back.

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