Clothing Donations for Veterans Three Reasons to Support Military Members and Their Families

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Did you know that Americans throw away between 12 and 13 million tons of clothing each year? Clothing and textiles are some of the easiest materials to recycle, and yet they wind up in the landfill in staggering amounts. And the worst part is that there are individuals and families throughout the country who could use these items instead.

One population that could use clothing donations are veterans and their families. Helping military families and the brave men and women who have served in our country is a great way to give back to your community. Additionally, clothing donations for veterans are easy to give because all they require is cleaning out the closet.

There are several ways to donate clothing, but it’s worth noting that clothing donations for veterans have many unique benefits. Here are just a few ways that donations of clothing can help veterans, their spouses, and their children:

    1. Donations help veterans get back to work. Many veterans come back from active duty and need to find employment. Others may have been out of a job for some time due to injury. However, if they don’t have clothing fit for a job interview, or for work, this can create serious problems. Donating men’s and women’s clothing that is appropriate for a professional environment can ease the burden of this expense.

    2. Clothing can help veterans and their families. Many military veterans also have children, and buying clothing for them can be very expensive. By supporting military veterans with donations, you can ensure that their children have clothing for school and clothes to grow into. This helps eliminate a major household cost for military families.

    3. Donations help support veterans charities. Some clothing donations are given to veterans and their families at no charge. Others, however, may be sold in secondhand shops, providing a major discount on clothing for these families. Some shops are also set up to benefit veterans and their families, so a portion of the sales goes directly to causes that benefit military families.

There are plenty of ways to give clothing donations for veterans. You can donate to a local charity drive or charity clothing pick up, and you can also give directly to secondhand stores. If you have questions about donating, check out the local organizations in your area or search online to find out what is and isn’t accepted. You can also leave questions and comments below for more information.

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