Decorative Flags for the Yard

Garfield flag

Decorative yard flags usually have a distinctive design that is used as a symbol, a decoration, or a signaling device. Flags are also used in advertising and messaging. Some of the first flags were used to assist the military with their coordination on battlefields. The Romans were the first ones to use the cloth flag as a way of communicating with others. The use of flags as communication started from communicating on ancient battlefields. The study of flags is referred to as vexillology. It is from the Latin word “vexillum” which means flag or banner.

Colors on a flag can mean different things, even for decorative yard flags. The color white on a flag resembles a symbol of peace and honesty. The yellow flag is often known for generosity. Hardiness, strength, valor, and bravery are symbols for the red flag. The part of the flag that is closest to the flag pole is known as the hoist. It is used for connecting the flag to the pole and lifting it in the air.

Approximately 72% of United States households are involved in gardening activities which also includes decorative yard flags such as primitive garden flags, seasonal garden flags, summer flags, and even windsocks. Those households in America with self-maintained gardens increased by two million in 2012. Approximately 85 million United States households have self-maintained gardens. An estimated $29.5 billion dollars was spent by United States households in 2013 to maintain their gardens, including decorative yard flags. Find out more about this topic here:

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