DIY 3 Whimsical Ways To Transform Garden Sheds

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Across the pond in the United Kingdom, the humble garden shed has long been a popular feature in not-so-humble country estates. More than 10 million U.K. homeowners have a garden shed, and increasingly garden shed designs have been blossoming in U.S. backyards, too.

Now that the Web is full of sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and a thousand Do-It-Yourself Blogs and How To websites, it’s never been easier to find step-by-step tutorials for building truly fantastic garden shed designs.

If you have a boring old shed on your property, or if you’re looking for custom shed designs to complement your existing landscaping features, then here’s four whimsical ways to hack garden shed designs:

1. Prefab Structures Are Perfect For Hacking

Most Americans don’t have the construction or engineering skill to build garden shed designs from the ground up, and even for those who do have the know how, who knows how they’ll find the time? But thanks to the magic of the internet, you can find quality, handmade, prefab Amish built sheds online and have them delivered right to your backyard. Amish prefab garages and sheds arrive fully formed and ready for some DIY wizardry.

2. Transform A Garden Shed Into A Greenhouse

If you’re renovating your home or replacing fixtures, then you can use old, worn out window panes to turn a common garden shed into a DIY greenhouse for your backyard. Even if you don’t go full greenhouse, adding a few extra windows to the walls or roof can turn dank, spider-filled sheds into beautiful, sun-filled custom sheds.

3. The Fort Of Your Dreams

Pre fab sheds and custom Amish gazebos can easily be hacked into the ultimate playhouse for kids or grand kids. A little paint, some decoration, and some fun games inside can transform that backyard shed into every kid’s dream fort. Let your inner child run wild and build the fort you’ve always wanted.

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