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Donate used clothes

There are a variety of charitable organizations in the United States, and they all do fantastic work. The numbers speak for themselves. In 2013, for example, more than $240 billion was donated to charity by individual donors alone, accounting for nearly 72% of all charitable donations. Compare that to educational sector donations (16%) and corporate donations (5%). Though donations of all kinds are wonderful and selfless in themselves, it does say something about the state of American charitable giving in that the organizations that can afford to donate the most — the corporations — wind up donating the very least.

Regardless, the bountiful charitable giving from Americans truly goes a long way. Charitable clothing donations are no exception. Donating clothes is a simple yet extraordinarily helpful way of combating homelessness and poverty in the U.S. There are several organizations across the country that accept clothing donations. In fact, some go as far as to pick up donations from a front door or curbside! In this sense, donating to charity has never been more convenient!

Though donation pickups may not seem like a necessity, consider this. A recent survey has found that nearly half of people who make clothing donations prefer a donation pickup. Moreover, more than 50% of donors would not travel more than 10 minutes from home to make a drop-off. Without donation pickups, who knows how much clothing would end up in the hands of the homeless and less-fortunate?

There are a slew of reasons to donate to charity but no matter the reason, the result is always the same. Charitable clothing donations provide warmth and comfort to those who arguable need it the most. Especially during the winter, the homeless are in dire need of adequate clothing. Please consider donating your lightly used clothing today.

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