Extend a Helping Hand for the Holidays How to Give Back the Right Way

Donations for non profit organizations

This holiday season, there are plenty of families and children in need of warm winter clothing and other assistance. If you’ve been thinking of cleaning out your closets or cupboards and donating, now is the time to do it! For children in need clothing can be a huge gift and you can know that you helped someone in need simply by giving away what you didn’t want. It’s a win-win for everyone — families get warm clothes that are in good condition and you create more space and less clutter in your own home. You also save that material from ending up in a landfill or dump somewhere.
Does Donating Really Help?
Believe it or not, if you donate clothing or other household items, it keeps those items in the consumer loop and prevents them from just being thrown away. About 12 million pounds of clothing or other textiles are thrown out every year in the United States — a huge waste, when it could be used by someone else. For children in need clothing like your kids’ old winter coats could be the difference between staying warm and well during the winter season or coming down with colds.
Additionally, many people enjoy shopping for secondhand clothing. Americans buy about ten pounds of gently used clothing every year, which is great, considering that 90% of the clothing or textiles tossed every year could have been reused. The lower prices on secondhand clothing and the variety to be found in secondhand stores can make it a fun shopping experience — a little like a treasure hunt!
It’s also a popular option for donations — in 2011, for example, about 2 million pounds of clothes or other textile materials were donated or recycled.
It also teaches your kids to give back to the community they live in. It’s great to establish a culture of philanthropy in the house early and promote giving back. Teaching by example is one of the best ways to foster this and will make everyone in the entire family feel good!
Where Can I Donate?
There are multiple charitable organizations in the United States — from charities that will pick up donations to places that you can drop donations off at. If you have a specific charitable interest, such as supporting military charities, veterans charities, or helping families in need more generally, there’s an organization for you to give back to. However, if you’re just starting to think about giving back, a quick online search about a cause you care about or an organization you may have heard about will yield certain results.
Some donors prefer giving material goods as opposed to money, because they feel more certain that their donations are reaching the intended parties without any third party interference. (Many have concerns that a portion of their donations go towards funding the organization itself, instead of reaching the people they’re trying to help.)
For children in need clothing can be a huge way to give back. Consider looking into a charity or a local shelter to donate to — your efforts are sure to be appreciated and you could help turn someone’s life around in a positive way.

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